Combex chooses Groeneveld’s ATX on-board computer

Combex Bouwlogistiek (NL) has grown to a fleet of 125 tracting vehicles by a recent acquisition. To maintain the uniform working method and optimum transparency after this rapid growth, the company decided to equip the complete fleet with ATX on-board computers from Groeneveld ICT Solutions.

Combex Bouwlogistiek, based in the Friesian Eastermar, has become the largest transporter of construction materials in the Netherlands. The company, established in 1970 by a merger, is a specialist in exceptional transport, placement and mounting of road blocks and groupage / distribution of construction materials. Freddy Bouma, ICT Manager at Combex, clarifies the choice for Groeneveld as a supplier for on-board computers. “Due to the sudden increase of tracting vehicles there was a demand for a platform that allows us to maintain our uniform working method and optimum transparency for the whole fleet. The ATX is a very modern on-board computer offering us the maximum flexibility. We can, for instance, add instructing videos to loading and unloading orders and add dispensations. Another important reason for choosing Groeneveld’s on-board computer is that the software is running on the complete open Android platform. Besides this we will start analyzing and if necessary adjust the driving preferences of our drivers using the Driver Performance module.

“Together with one of the experienced Groeneveld consultants a question path has been created, supporting the work processes of Combex and reducing the administrative workload. This Groeneveld approach appealed enormously to us,” says Bouma.