Lock Transport chooses Groenevelds ATX on-board computers

The Dutch family business Lock Transport has built a strong image, both in national and international transport. Thanks to the varied fleet the transporter is capable of handling a lot of different transport orders. Lock Transport is always looking for ways to enhance their efficiency. This was the case when they became one of Groeneveld’s first customers in the earlier days and is still the case today. The next step is the purchase of ATX on-board computers.

Lock Transport, established in 1931, has a young and modern fleet. Combined with the many years of experience in a wide variety of transport disciplines, it is clear that Lock Transport is capable to perfectly perform a lot of different transport orders. In the Netherlands the company specialised in transport of offshore and dredging materials, (ship)building materials, machines, engines and gen-sets. The trucks with the characteristic green-yellow livery can also be found in foreign countries, mostly for volume transport.

To manage all these business processes Lock Transport uses the RoadRunner transport management system of Groeneveld ICT Solutions. With the recent purchase of the ATX on-board computer they are taking the next step in their automation process. The on-board computers, running on Android, will be connected to the RoadRunner software. “We were looking for an integrated automation solution and logically Groeneveld turn out to be the best partner. During all the years that we’ve done business together, Groeneveld has always been a very reliable partner with a lot of knowledge, both for the automatic lubrication systems as well as for transport automation. Besides that it’s desirable to have a single point of contact for all of our transport automation. It saves a lot of work thus money. After the implementation of the ATX on-board computer we have an integrated system which we will use for following our vehicles, insight in driving preferences with the Driver Performance module and pay rolling our drivers,” clarifies Arie Lock the choice for the ATX on-board computer of Groeneveld.

“With the ATX, Lock Transport can optimise routes and offer maximum home base support,” says Don Volkers, account manager at Groeneveld ICT Solutions, “Another great advantage of the ATX is the modular structure offering maximum flexibility, therefore it is very easy to adjust the software or hardware for future demands. Extra Groeneveld modules can be added and it is possible to install third party soft- and hardware, for example scanners and navigation.”

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