Working at Groeneveld ICT Solutions

Half the time that you are awake, you will be at work. All the more reason to make sure you feel at home at your place of work! A wide range of customers, interesting opportunities, challenging IT solutions and a group of nice colleagues. Are you flexible, inquisitive and focused? Are you interested in logistics and is IT in your genes? Waste no time and join Groeneveld ICT Solutions!

Clear policy

Groeneveld ICT Solutions clearly profiled itself as a supplier of logistics automation solutions for road transport. IT systems from Groeneveld ICT Solutions distinguish themselves through the fact that by definition they contribute to the efficiency and return of a business. Groeneveld ICT Solutions adds an extra dimension to that by integrating the individual systems - however different in nature - into a company-wide solution that streamlines the business processes and makes them transparent.

In addition to a modern, in-house developed Android on-board computer, we also have our own TMS and planning application. These systems are supported by various partners on the market.

The working conditions for our employees are also clear. Foremost, people must find pleasure and satisfaction in their work. At Groeneveld ICT Solutions you will get every opportunity to develop yourself. What we expect from you is a positive attitude and interest in logistics and IT must be anchored in your genes.


Groeneveld ICT Solutions creates policy on the basis of knowledge, experience and vision. The realisation, that this priceless property is inextricably linked with the people working at Groeneveld ICT Solutions, is expressed in the interesting package of terms of employment. Entrepreneurial people who want to work at their careers and are fully willing to commit to their job, get plenty of room at Groeneveld ICT Solutions!

In its core, Groeneveld ICT Solutions is a medium-sized business with all accompanying characteristics. But thanks to our activities throughout the world and the large variety of customers and products, we are a global company with plenty of challenging career opportunities.

Within the context of our increasing activities in the Benelux and France, together with the expansion of our geographical working area in Europe, we are looking for new employees. We are particularly looking for consultants, hardware or software developers and Business development employees for these European countries.

HRM Groeneveld ICT Solutions

T.: +31 (0)183 646100


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