Reversing camera

Increase safety

Camera on the ATX on-board computer

It is possible to connect a reversing camera to the ATX on-board computer. The camera can be integrated into the ATX on-board computer, so separate screens in the cabin for a reversing camera are no longer needed. In addition to increased safety, this also saves costs.

Groeneveld camera

The in-house developed Greensight CMOS camera is available with viewing angles of 104° or 116° and with normal or reflected image. The gas-filled camera has a black, anodised aluminium casing for guaranteed long life. The camera can be supplied with an L-shaped or U-shaped attachment support.

The main benefits at a glance

  • Clear and sharp images
  • No problems with condensation and frost due to automatically heated lens surface
  • High sensitivity at 0.025 lux (good visibility with little light)