Temoignages clients à propos de Groeneveld

Lock Transport chooses Groenevelds ATX on-board computers

Lundi 4 décembre 2017

The Dutch family business Lock Transport has built a strong image, both in national and international transport. Thanks to the varied fleet the transporter is capable of handling a lot of different transport orders. Lock Transport is always looking for ways to enhance their efficiency. This was the case when they became one of Groeneveld’s first customers in the earlier days and is still the case today. The next step is the purchase of ATX on-board computers. Read more...

Royal De Heus chooses total solution from Groeneveld ICT Solutions

Jeudi 2 mars 2017

Royal De Heus, an animal nutrition producer that operates internationally, has chosen a total solution supplied by Groeneveld ICT Solutions in order to improve its vehicle fleet's logistical performance. The software solution from Groeneveld ICT Solutions enables a more efficient planning of the coordination of external transport movements from the 8 production locations of De Heus in the Netherlands to the company's customers, while also simplifying vehicle management. Read more...

Vermeer Transport chooses for Groeneveld’s integrated ICT-solution

Vendredi 4 novembre 2016

Vermeer Transport, active in the collection and distribution of floricultural products inside the Benelux and France, has entered the next phase in optimizing their transport automation. By purchasing Groeneveld ICT Solutions’ ATX on-board computers for their entire fleet combined with the already used transport management system Roadrunner and Visual Planner of Groeneveld, Vermeer Transport has an integrated ICT-solution. This enables Vermeer Transport to driver wages automatically, send and… Read more...

Combex chooses Groeneveld’s ATX on-board computer

Mercredi 12 juillet 2017

Combex Bouwlogistiek (NL) has grown to a fleet of 125 tracting vehicles by a recent acquisition. To maintain the uniform working method and optimum transparency after this rapid growth, the company decided to equip the complete fleet with ATX on-board computers from Groeneveld ICT Solutions. Read more...

Lubbers Transport Group first in UK to launch new Groeneveld ICT Solution Traffic Management System

Jeudi 15 juin 2017

Lubbers Transport Group (LTG), the upstream oil and gas logistics specialist, has announced the launch of the advanced Groeneveld ICT Solutions Traffic Management System. The company is the first oil and gas transport provider to use the software in the UK, which allows clients real-time updates on deliveries. Read more...

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