Lubbers Transport Group first in UK to launch new Groeneveld ICT Solution Traffic Management System

Lubbers Transport Group (LTG), the upstream oil and gas logistics specialist, has announced the launch of the advanced Groeneveld ICT Solutions Traffic Management System. The company is the first oil and gas transport provider to use the software in the UK, which allows clients real-time updates on deliveries.

The Groeneveld Traffic Management system comprises of on-board computers within Lubbers vehicles that provide customers with vital information including status reports, deviation updates and pickup and delivery notifications, permitting clients to be involved throughout the delivery process.

Tony Tailford, chief operating officer of Lubbers Transport Group commented: “We are thrilled about the launch of this new software, being the first oil and gas logistics provider in the UK to implement this shows Lubbers dedication to our customers.

“We want to ensure clients are up to date every step of the way and we are providing the most efficient service possible. The Groeneveld Traffic system will aid us in doing this.

“Software such as the applications of the Groeneveld Traffic Management System allows Lubbers to continue to deliver supply chain solutions, which have clear benefits to the customer. This is particularly so in the oil and gas industry where the delayed delivery of equipment or parts can result in project over-runs or a significant increase in cost,” said Mr Tailford.

“The new software also makes it possible to disclose KPI data from the ‘In Vehicle Monitoring System’ both on truck and driver level. This data contains information on fuel consumption and CO emission, but also speed, acceleration and other behavioural aspects. The enhanced KPI reporting dashboard enables us to manage the environmental and safety impact and further improve our performance.”

Lubbers is dedicated to offering customers a complete logistics solution and has consolidated its position as a specialist in road transportation. The company has also expanded into value–added services, including rig move activities, specialised forwarding, staffing services, warehouse and container rental.

Lubbers operates 120 trucks and 290 trailers through a pan-European network of 12 bases in key oil and gas locations including the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Romania, Poland, and Norway.

The company employs nearly 300 people throughout Europe and serves a broad portfolio of clients including operators, service companies, global forwarders and regional service providers.